Today's Top Stories

In a few weeks, there will be a new sheriff in Hinds County. Victor Mason was recently elected sheriff of Hinds County, and will be sworn in on December 30.

WITH INITIATIVE 42 voted down, many members of the Mississippi community are concerned about the welfare of public education throughout the state.

SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS and great schools are the top two priorities on newcomer Joel Bomgar’s list as the new District 58 Representative (R). Bomgar also hopes to look into economic growth in Madison County.

MADISON COUNTY Tax Assessor Gerald Barber says homestead fraud investigations, which were ramped up last year in an effort to catch more citizens committing homestead, have been successful.

Jackson taxpayers are likely on the hook for millions of dollars more than expected when it comes to hauling waste from the Savannah Street Wastewater Treatment Plant.

St. Anthony Catholic School will present its 2015 Starry Night Gala, Embrace the Moment, December 5 on the school campus at 1585 Old Mannsdale Rd., in Madison, beginning at 7 p.m.