Gardening Glimpses

Great-grandson Mason was picking daffodils by age 2, always just one, a small one, and if none were open, he’d pick a wildflower instead.

And just as he was leaving, he’d bring it, with that grin that said he knew he’d done something kind and loving for you.

Gardening Glimpses

Whiling away idle minutes as the Atlanta Braves lose yet another game in a late-inning collapse, I was thumbing through the new crop of gardening magazines (Why do they all come at one time?) and focused on a pair of articles about how to brighten your outdoor garden and spic

Gardening Glimpses

When I learned that my science teacher friend, Annette Parker Khan, was to give the program for the year’s final meeting of the Washington, La., garden club, and she told me the topic: Butterflies in Your Garden, I asked for the last working copy of her notes, because I know

Gardening glimpses

What a glorious daffodil season it has been. We began the month of March celebrating the newest society in the American Daffodil Society, the first ever organized within the state of Louisiana, a bringing together of the old Central Mississippi Society group.

Gardening Glimpses

One of the special delights, if you are intrigued always by garden gift shops, is to find that somebody has made the great effort to acquire seed, or root cuttings, from the historic plants growing in the particular garden.  At Shaw Reserve near St.

Gardening glimpses

When you go to a garden event, whether it be a first-time small show in a charming little town in the next state, or it involves flying across the continent to a national convention, as was the situation for just a few of our group, with the ADS convention in Sacramento, Cali



You all know well that the Weather Channel is the default channel at our house, when I control the remote.


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