Dereliction of duty

H.R. McMaster's 1997 book, “Dereliction of Duty,” exposed our feckless losing strategy in the Vietnam War disaster. We didn’t fight to win. McMaster says President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara micromanaged the war to elect and keep Johnson in power.

Priming a flood

To prime a pump, you give it some water from a bucket to get it started. To prime a flood next year, you give it some water from this year to get it started. If other things are equal, the more water you give it, the more likely a flood and the more severe.

A flood canary

The Mississippi River Commission held a public hearing in Natchez last Wednesday aboard the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI. It got an earful. Many witnesses testified about damage to their properties and businesses and lives from annual flooding and frequent major floods.

An 80-yard field goal

Surprise! Southern Company announced a $43 million cost increase for the Kemper Lignite plant its Mississippi Power sub is building. And another startup delay of its experimental gasifier that's supposed to convert lignite into a syngas substitute for natural gas.



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