Holder Named Mayor Pro Tempore

Ward 3 Alderman Kevin Holder has been elected as Ridgeland’s mayor pro tempore.

“Basically, it’s not a policy, but we’ve always tried to look at seniority as one of the factors,” Ward 1 Alderman Ken Heard said. “Kevin was the most senior person.”

In the previous term, Heard and Ward 2 Alderman Chuck Gautier split the role of mayor pro tempore.

“The last four years was a culmination of Chuck Gautier and myself,” Heard said. “I had the first two years, and he had the last two. It was an agreement between the two of us. After that, Kevin was the most senior (alderman based on) time served.”

Heard said it’s not a set policy, but the Ridgeland board has always “gone that direction.”

The mayor pro tempore of each city always serves in the mayor’s stead if he or she is ever unable to attend or direct meetings.

In this case, Mayor Pro Tempore Kevin Holder will be present as acting mayor if Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee cannot attend an official city meeting.


Esperanza Velasquez is founder of the Mississippi Hispanic Association in Flowood.