Indoor Shooting Range

An indoor shooting range might be a possibility for the city of Ridgeland in the near future. Officials are looking at allowing an indoor range, should a developer propose one.

To make it happen, officials are looking into the safety protocols and precautions, and the zoning ordinance will undergo an alteration.

“Currently it’s allowed in one part of the ordinance and not allowed in other part,” Alan Hart, Ridgeland community director, said. “So it strikes itself out. The board has expressed an interest in making it possible to have indoor gun range.”

As community development director, Hart is in charge of researching other ranges in nearby cities to see what needs to be implemented to ensure the safety of the range’s patrons.

“We’ve looked at one being built in Rankin County. It’s currently under construction. We’ve also done research on other facilities, and we’re looking at provisions that will allow us to carefully manage safety, noise, compatibility and environmental concerns that could come up.”

“Hart’s exploring the ordinances from other cities that have them, and just making sure we’re putting in all the safeguards that need to be in there,” Ken Heard, Ward 1 Alderman. “We’re just looking at it for a future possibility. It would require an amendment to the zoning ordinance.”

A public hearing for consideration of the ordinance amendment will be held September 5. “We’re the ones that asked (Hart) to look into it. We support the idea,” Mayor Gene McGee said. Most likely the range would be located on Highway 51.



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