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Trying Again


Michel still wants neighborhood improvement district

District 25 Sen. Walter Michel hopes the fourth time will be the charm when it comes to seeing a “neighborhood improvement district” bill passed.

The Northside senator is planning to introduce a bill creating the NIDs in the 2018 session.

Savanna Street sludge removal project set to finish by December 31


A major sludge-hauling project at the Savanna Street Wastewater Treatment Plant should be finished by deadline after all.

After telling the Jackson City Council recently that the project would likely continue into early 2018, a deputy city attorney recently told the Sun the project should wrap up by December 31.

Commercial Growth

Madison’s commercial developments are continuing to grow. In early September, the mayor and board of aldermen approved the final plat for the Grandview east commercial subdivision.

Updating Ordinance

The sign ordinance is undergoing a restructuring in Madison County’s planning and zoning ordinance in order to address the numerous signs along Gluckstadt Road and throughout the Gluckstadt area.



Esperanza Velasquez is founder of the Mississippi Hispanic Association in Flowood.