Vaccines save lives

One persistent, passionate but wrong-headed proposal that will probably reappear during the 2018 session of the Mississippi Legislature is to weaken the state’s immunization requirements for children attending public schools.

Weak hand for Southern Company

Mississippi Power and its parent, Southern Company, are trying to get the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) to give them a billion dollars or so for their failed Kemper lignite gasification plant. That’s a lot better than the $7.5 billion they had hoped to lay on ratepayers, but it’s still a billion more than they deserve.

Bridge inspections loom

Paying to fix bridges is kind of like paying for a new roof: It’s a lot of money, is not exciting at all and doesn’t improve your business or home value one cent. Because of those reasons, both things tend to get pushed back as we all battle more pressing expenses.

Too easy to cheat

Mississippi’s tax collections, after months of sluggishness, showed a hopeful sign last month.

Revenues came in at $17 million, or six percent, ahead of projections.

Green energy flops

When Haley Barbour was governor, he and his appointees at the Mississippi Development Authority were gung-ho on getting the state to invest in risky so-called “green energy” startups.