Frequently Asked Questions

What is the circulation of the Northside Sun?

The Northside Sun newspaper has a distribution of about 10,000 representing 25,000 readers. This assumes that the average number of readers per newspaper is 2.5 which is the national average based on studies by the National Newspaper Association. The newspaper is mailed to subscribers through the U.S. Postal Service and arrives at homes on Thursday with the regular mail. In addition, a limited number of promotional copies are distributed around our circulation areas in free racks. The Northside Sun Magazine has 15,000 free distribution through racks and counters throughout our area. We are also in offices and waiting rooms. Studies shows free magazines have 3 readers per issue which would make the readership of the magazine 40,000. The newspaper and the magazine together have a readerships of approximately 75,000.

How often do you publish?

The newspaper is published once a week and the magazine is published once a month. The magazine is on glossy coated paper. The newspaper is on newsprint.

What is the circulation area of the Northside Sun?

About half our subscribers are in south Madison County and about half are in northeast Jackson. Our primary zip code in northeast Jackson is 39211, but we also have high penetration in Fondren and Belhaven. The average household income of our readers is about $85,000 a year. Our readership is evenly divided between males and females. Half of our readers have college degrees or higher.

How do I submit news to the Northside Sun?

We love submitted news. We are a community newspaper. You can mail us at P.O. Box 16709, Jackson, MS 39326. You can visit us at 246 Briarwood Drive, Jackson, MS, 39206. You can fax us at 601-957-1533. You can e-mail us at sun@northsidesun.com. Or you can visit our submissions page. Please identify all people in the photos. We actively seek your weddings, engagement party photos, letters to the editor, births, club reports--you name it. We are a community newspaper and what we do is local, community news. We do not run national or international wire service stories. We have staff writers who actively seek story ideas from readers. Remember, priority is given to photos published exclusively in the Sun.

How do I place an ad in the Northside Sun?

Just call an advertising sales rep. Tell us what you want and our production staff will design the ad for you in no time. There is no charge for ad design and composition.

What's the cost of advertising in the Sun?

Our pages are 11.25 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep and costs about one penny per reader. If you sign a contract with both the newspaper and magazine, you get 10 percent off on both.

How do I subscribe?

Just call Dani Poe at 601-957-1542 or e-mail her at subs@northsidesun.com. We charge $25 for one year. $30 for two years. $40 for three years. $50 for five years.

Do you sell classified ads?

Yes, we do and our rates are very low. Call us at our main number 601-977-8122 to place an ad.

Who owns the Northside Sun?

We are a family-owned company. Publisher Wyatt Emmerich has owned the Northside Sun for more than 20 years. He purchased it from the founders, Sam and Marlene Warren. The Sun has published for 40 years.

What are your business hours?

We are open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Where is the Northside Sun printed?

The pages are designed and composed at our offices in Jackson. They are then emailed to our printing plant in Greenville, Mississippi. The Greenville press is a combination of color Web Press Quad Stacks and black and white News Kings. We use state-of-the-art computer to plate technology using a Basys platesetter and FM screening.

What are the politics of the Northside Sun?

We are neither liberal nor conservative. We believe in the open exchange of as many ideas as possible. We believe in the marketplace of ideas. We love to get fresh opinions from all sides of the political spectrum.




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