Design work complete on Spillway Road project; next step bidding out work


 Now that the design phase is complete, construction should begin sometime this year on Spillway Road reconstruction.

Work includes rebuilding and resurfacing the portion of the Spillway over the dam and digging out and refilling soft spots.

“We have to bid out the project, then get in line with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO),” said John Sigman, Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) general manager. “We hope to begin construction this year.”

Construction should take between six to eight weeks and will probably cause traffic delays.

“It’s going to be quick, but we have to do it under traffic, so some delays will be experienced,” Sigman said.”

The project is a two-party venture between the PRVWSD and Ridgeland.

“It’s the same program,” Sigman said. “Ridgeland got a grant to work on the Spillway from Breakers Lane back west (to Old Canton Road). We got a grant to rebuild and resurface over the dam.”

Ridgeland’s portion will cost $2.3 million, and the Reservoir’s portion will cost 41.5 million.

“It’s more than just an overlay,” said Sigman. “We’re going to dig out soft spots, that sort of thing.”

For the other half of the project, Ridgeland is going to mill, overlay, restripe, and upgrade three traffic signals on Spillway Road from Breakers Lane to Northpark Drive. Traffic signals are located at Old Canton Road, Harbor Point Crossing and Harbor Drive.

“It’s (a little more than) a mile of four lanes with a center turn lane,” said Mike McCollum, Ridgeland public works director.

The city of Ridgeland will have to pay $425,000 out of local funds for their portion of the project. In March, McCollum said the city received $1.7 million from the MPO, an organization that receives federal funding subsequently doled out for local transportation projects.

The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD), which covers 10 counties in the state, makes up the state’s central MPO.

When the CMPDD awards money for transportation projects, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) will oversee the project.

“We are moving through the steps,” Sigman said. “We’ve completed the design and are moving into the construction phase, but it’s being done by MDOT regulations so we have to go step-by-step. We’re funded by them, so it takes some time.”

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