Staying Local

Area firms awarded majority of one-percent project contracts

Almost all of the contracts awarded for one-percent projects so far have gone to local firms; a sign that a good bit of Jackson taxpayers’ money is staying in the community.

Since the first-year master plan was approved in 2015, Jackson leaders have executed 28 contracts for a combined total of approximately $24.7 million.

While the largest contract, a $9.8 million deal to repave neighborhood streets, went to APAC, a national paving firm, the majority of the major and smaller contracts have been awarded to local engineers, contractors and consultants.

Even though APAC is a national company, the majority of its employees are local, meaning Jackson workers are still benefiting from the tax.

The second-largest contract, a $4.5 million road repaving deal, was awarded to Superior Asphalt, a Jackson-based company owned by Yates Construction.

On the engineering side, the largest contract went to Neel-Schaffer, a $1.3 million agreement to design the North State Street Reconstruction Project.

Neel-Schaffer is a regional firm, but is headquartered in the capital city.

The next largest engineering agreement also went to a local firm, Waggoner Engineering. The Jackson-based consultants received $964,000 to design the first phase of improvements for Riverside Drive.

Waggoner also was awarded $108,000 to draw up drainage improvement plans for Westhaven Boulevard and Cany Creek, another one-percent priority.

Other local firms receiving major one-percent contracts include Key Constructors, Utility Constructors and IMS Engineers.

The Jackson City Council recently awarded the Madison-based Key Constructors $776,803 for the Robinson Road Bridge Replacement Project. Key had the lowest and best bid, and was chosen through the sealed bid process, according to city documents. Utility Constructors, a south Jackson firm, received $826,000 for the Eastover Drive Water Main Replacement Project. The firm also received $340,000 for the Hanging Moss Bridge rehabilitation project. 

The one-percent program manager, IMS Engineers, is headquartered in Jackson, and has offices in Shreveport, Memphis and Houston, according to its Web site.

Its first-year agreement was for around $840,000.


Other local firms receiving work include: Allen Engineering and Science, Hemphill Construction, Civiltech, SOL Engineers, Southern Consultants, and Dickerson and Bowen. Combined, their contracts total $1,286,000.

Regional, national and international companies receiving contracts include: Vokert (Mobile, Al.), Crown Engineering (New Jersey), EJES Engineering (Dallas), Stantec Consulting (Alberta, Canada), Q Solutions (Atlanta), Michael Baker International (Pittsburgh), and APAC-Mississippi. The total amount awarded to those contractors is just under $12 million, in round numbers.

The work is being paid for with funds generated by a special one-percent infrastructure sales tax. The tax is assessed on most commercial transactions in the city limits, and goes into a special account for use specifically on infrastructure.

In order for Jackson to access the monies, the city and the one-percent oversight commission had to put in place a master plan to determine how the funds would be spent.

The first-year plan was approved by the oversight panel in May 2015. Two major road-repaving projects were signed off on in 2016, and various other projects have been approved as requested by the city.


One-percent engineering contracts by the numbers: 

• IMS Engineers, $840,000 for one-percent program management;

• SOL Engineering, $202,000 for Eubanks Creek;

• Neel-Schaffer, $1.3 million for North State Street Reconstruction;

• Waggoner Engineering, $964,000 for Riverside Drive reconstruction;

• Stantec Consulting Services, $387,000 for Eubanks Creek;

• Q Solutions, $159,000 for Lawrence Road water line;

• Civiltech, $329,000 Woodell Drive water line replacement;

• Southern Consultants, $225,000 for Belhaven Creek drainage improvements;

• Stuart Consulting Group, $146,000 for Town Creek drainage improvements;

• Civiltech, $59,000 for Alta Woods Boulevard bridge replacement;

• Michael Baker International, $878,000 for design of Mayes Street bridge replacement;

• Stantec Consulting, $110,000 for the West Street bridge rehabilitation project;

• Allen Engineering and Science, $374,000 for storm water mitigation;

• Crown Engineering, $85,000 for Brookhollow Circle drainage;

• Waggoner, $108,000 for Westhaven Boulevard/Cany Creek drainage improvements;

• Volkert, $167,000 for Robinson Road bridge replacement;

• EJES Engineering, no cost available, for Country Club bridge replacement; and

• Stantec, $387,000 for Eubanks Creek drainage.


Construction contracts by the numbers:

• APAC-Mississippi, $9.8 million for neighborhood street repaving:

• Superior Asphalt, $4.5 million for major street repaving;

• Utility Constructors, $826,000 for the Eastover Drive water main replacement, phase one;

• Key Constructors, $777,000 for Robinson Road Bridge Replacement Project; 

• Hemphill Construction, $96,000 for utility cut repairs in Precinct Four;

• Hemphill, $68,000 for Precinct Three utility cut repairs;

• Hemphill, $40,000 for Precinct Two utility cuts;

• Hemphill, $22,000 for Precinct One utility cuts;

• Utility Constructors, $340,000 for the Hanging Moss Bridge project; and

• Dickerson and Bowen, $113,000 for Lawson Street resurfacing.

(All costs are in round figures.)



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