Go Cups for Ridgeland

What was part of Ridgeland’s legislative agenda at the beginning of this year is now a reality.

Ridgeland can now set up leisure and recreation districts throughout the city, according to Mississippi’s new “go cup” bill.

“There is a bill that allows cities, local jurisdictions, to set up what they call leisure and recreation districts,” said District 73 representative Cory Wilson. “Basically if there are outdoor festivals, outdoor concerts, whatever it may be, it relaxes the open container law.”

Wilson said cities can define where the districts are as well as what kind and how much security is required.

 Many cities, including Canton, Tupelo, Holly Springs, Greenville, Greenwood and Starkville were included in House Bill1223 last year.

“Whoever got there first got their city in this pilot program,” said Wilson. “So, this year we actually added Ridgeland… and, we added Livingston on Highway 22 and Lost Rabbit at the end of Hoy Road.”

Wilson said including these locations in Madison County will improve quality of life, tourism and promote various aspects of the county.

“It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland said there will likely be two leisure and recreation districts within the city, one in the Township and one in the Renaissance.

“We would work with the landowners and let them describe what area they’d want to have included,” McGee said in a previous Sun article. “We would have to establish the area, and that would have to be approved in an ordinance.”



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