New traffic light

Madison city officials have executed the final easement agreement with Walmart for the traffic light on Grandview Boulevard, meaning construction on the light will begin soon.

Once completed, the signal will direct cars into the Walmart and Lowe’s shopping centers, easing traffic at that intersection.

Last month, the city was waiting to acquire one more easement before they could move forward with the much-needed signal.

Public Works Director Chad Wages confirmed that the city recently accepted two easement agreements also needed for the light: one with Citizens National Bank and one with Lowe’s.

“We’ve got those. We’re still waiting on the Walmart easement,” Wages said in a previous Sun article. “There’s been a breakdown in communication. The person we were communicating with is no longer with them, so Walmart is trying to expedite the process now.”

Materials are already sitting at the Walmart and Grandview Boulevard intersection, waiting to be installed. Now that the agreement with Walmart is finalized, the city should soon start construction.

City officials accepted bids for the project and awarded the project to Louis Electric late last year.

In late March, Wages said the project should be complete within 150 days and will cost $295,954.

The intersection has witnessed dozens of car accidents since the area was developed. 

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Web site, an estimated 4,800 vehicles drive on Grandview Boulevard each day.


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