Reservoir receives grant to purchase floating piers for Madison Landing

Reservoir officials have received a $60,000 grant to purchase floating piers for Madison Landing.

The grant comes from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

“They have grants to fund access to fishing waters and lakes,” said John Sigman, Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) general manager. “They offered to give us money to buy floating piers for the Madison Landing site, which is right next to our office.”

Madison Landing is a triple-ramp boat landing, so it calls for four piers to separate the three landings.

Sigman said officials will soon purchase the new piers, but won’t implement them until they purchase floating breakwaters for Madison Landing.

“Hopefully next year, we can get enough money through the lake access grant program to buy floating breakwaters,” he said. “Once we put those in, then we can replace piers … We don’t want to damage the new piers so we’re waiting to put in the breakwaters.”

In a previous Sun article, Sigman said the grant for the floating breakwaters will be about $300,000 and will be awarded to the PRVWSD in 2018.

In February, the parks policy committee awarded the engineering design services bid to Neel Schaffer for floating breakwaters for Madison Landing.

“What we have on the agenda now is to get the engineering work done, which we’ll pay for out of our own funds.”

Engineering services should cost approximately $20,000, according to Sigman.

The floating breakwaters will give Madison Landing a wave continuation system, keeping boats from getting damaged while approaching the pier.

“They’re floating concrete boxes that you anchor into the lake, and they absorb waves so the waves don’t sweep under the boat or over the pier,” Sigman explained. “They’re nine feet wide and five feet deep. They’re filled with foam so if there’s a leak, they’ll still float. They just break up waves that would endanger the boat as it approaches the pier.”


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