Ash Wednesday

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School recently recognized Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, with a Big Chapel service at the lower school. Taking part in the service were (from left, back) Head of Lower School Tim Alford, the Rev. Hailey Allin, Virginia Buchanan, the Rev. Cathy Halford, the Rev. Ben Robertson, Andrew McLarty; (front) Eesh Majithia, Sami Bahro, Connor Young, Claudia Maron, Mary-Bailey Rivers, the Right Rev. Brian Seage, bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi, Grace Eaves, Andrew Gordon, the Rev. Jamie McElroy, and the Rev. Annie Elliott.


Wouldn’t you love to sell something for $50 million and only be required to pay back $5 million if you failed to deliver? What a deal!


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