History awards

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School students who received book awards for outstanding achievement in history are (from left, back) Jake Johnston – world religions, Thomas Hammons – AP human geography; (middle row) Clay Morris – AP European history, Matt Harjes – US government, Jake Mitchell – honors world history II, Faraaz Yousuf – world history II, Lauren Tanaka – US history, Molly Spencer – world history I; (front) Susanna Blount – AP US government, Ariel Thornton – Southern studies, Emily Kruse – AP US history: the James Parham Evans III Prize, Hannah Lang – Middle Ages through film, Karson Pettit – economics, and Madeleine Cook, AP comparative government and politics. Not pictured: Arko Dhar – honors US history.


Esperanza Velasquez is founder of the Mississippi Hispanic Association in Flowood.