Madison Ridgeland Academy students (from left) Emory Ware and Arnob Iftekhar were selected as Most Intellectual through Who Who’s at the Features Pageant.

Varsity baseball

Jackson Prep varsity baseball team includes members (from left, back) Jerrion Ealy, Hudson Little, Adam Norsworthy, Travis Hudgins, Hayden Hill, Alex Gibbs, Spence Graves, Parker Gleason, Kole Crotwell, manager; (middle row) Coach Shane Bennett, Matt Mills, Christopher Russell, Knox Loposer, Matthew Myers, Will Warren, Gregory Oden, Duncan Jone

Sneak peek

First Presbyterian Day School recently welcomed the kindergarten class of 2017-2018 for a sneak peek into kindergarten. Shown are (from left) Ella Rose Ainsworth and Jack Milner.

French awards

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School students who received book awards for outstanding achievement in French are (from left) Ruth Ann Richardson – The Warren D. Reimers Prize in French, Elizabeth Angel – French 5, Darby Farr – French 4, Ian Espy – French 3, Wake Monroe – French 2, and Riley Charet – French 1.

Visual arts

Madison Central High School students voted Most Talented in Visual Arts are (from left) Elaina Hart, Dylan Tompkins and Levell Williams.

Chicken life

First Presbyterian Day School first-graders studied the life cycle of a chicken. Shown are (from left) Kathleen Bess McClain, Porter Wyatt, and Elizabeth Mann.

Sugject awards

Jackson Prep students earning subject area awards are (from left, top) Neha Adari (French I), Abigail Metcalf (Honors English), Anna Reagan Mask (Algebra I), Leigh Hardin (Honors Geometry), Anna Grace Morgan (Honors Biology), Spence Byrd (Ancient Cultures); (middle row) Allie Wise (Spanish I), Brittany Wilson (9th Grade English), Sarah Gregg (P

Honor Roll

St. Andrew’s Upper

Students listed to the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School upper school final honor roll are:


Ninth Grade