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City officials plan meeting to find out why work stops on Briarwood, Ridgewood

Contractors have been a virtual no show in the last few weeks along Briarwood Drive and Ridgewood Road, and Jackson city officials are planning to get to the bottom of it.

Public Works was expected to meet with Superior Asphalt this week to find out why they were not working on a major street resurfacing project.

Man of Faith

Reverend Stockett foregoes architecture to become Methodist minister

The REVEREND Cary Stockett, the new senior minister for Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church, is a humble minister from humble beginnings. He found his way to the pulpit after struggling with his vocation. 

Feel the bite

New code enforcement rules to impact local property owners

Amendments to Jackson’s code enforcement rules are designed to give city ordinance more teeth, but local property owners, not absentee landlords, are likely going to feel the bite.



Keyshia Sanders was recently named manager of constituent services for the city of Jackson.