Lottie Boggan

Slow boat to china


“It’s been a long day, but we covered what we wanted to see in Taipei, Taiwan,” said Edrie Royals, my roommate for the cruise as she and I climbed aboard Tour Bus 23. I sat back and buckled my seat belt as the bus growled, shifted gears, and pulled out into traffic.

It had been a good day.

Slip-sliding away


A bottle of complimentary champagne in front of us, Edrie Royals and I sat out on our balcony. Now late afternoon and back from our tours of Hong Kong, the sun was a burnished copper and it was almost time for our ship, the Celebrity Millenium, to set sail in the East China Sea for points, sights and scenes unknown.

Royal nares


Because the shifting bus gears were loud and my ears still stopped up from airline flights day before yesterday, I had a hard time hearing our guide and grasping what he said about the sights we were seeing in Hong Kong.

Yin and Yang


The dinging telephone was like an electric shock. I jumped awake but it took me a couple of minutes to realize where I was and come to my senses. When I did pick up the phone it was hard to understand the message. 

“Velcome to Hung Kung. This is your six o’clock vake up kull.”

That explains it


I felt like I had been slapped upside my head with a pair of nunchucks. After an 18-hour flight from San Francisco, I was still on Mississippi days and nights and had not fast-forwarded to Hong Kong time. All of us who flew in from the States, had to move our body clocks ahead 23 hours and 45 minutes.

Ere we forget


It’s amazing how many things we take for granted.

“She’ll always be our little Tootsie Roll.” That’s the way husband Willard spoke of our daughter, Linda Gail, so many times. Ah, but so much can change in a heartbeat.

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