Happy Birthday/Anniversary


September 7: Leigh Barrier, Fred R. Ezelle, Molly Barlow, Lloyd Thornton, Mary-Elise Lowe. September 8: Charles L. Miller, Stephanie Davis. September 9: Presley Hill, Joanne Hartwig, Jerry Maxwell, Ernestine Powers, Tracy Rowland, Parker Powers. September 10: Bradley Hagan, Susie Baldwin, Karen Freeman, Odessa Lee, Tillman Lyle, Haller Magee, Dennis Meador, Mathew Thibodeaux. September 11: Dr. Richard Birdsong, Stacy Regan, Hank T. Ware, Jim Myers, Betty Ratliff, Robert Hobbs, John Connolly. September 12: Barry McCorry, Burns Bishop, Ryan Chandler, Gene Henson, David Hervey, Connor Chase, Conor Smith. September 13: John Day, Leah Henley, Leslie Petrus Kennedy, Pauline Derrington, Leah Gant.



September 7: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Groebe, David and Angie McNamara.  September 12: Bob and Ann McElroy, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Somers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayfield.


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