Happy Birthday/Anniversary


September 21: Guy Boyll, Charles Furlow, Dot Ward, Carol Carouthers, Brian Smith, Dick Goodson, Sarah Lynch, Anna Joe Bell, Ella L. Taylor, Stafford Stacy. September 22: James R. Martin, Dorothy Miley, Cecil Jaquith, Mary Lackey, Kay Sheldon, Robbyn Footlick, Roy Alford, Monica Allen, Walter Dickerson, Jerry Thigpen, JoAnne Davis, Mary Lackey, Sherri Lindekens. September 23: Chrissie Cameron, Gallie Drane, Tommy Dent, Phyllis Sullivan, Rebecca Austin, Kenneth Sullivan, Victor McNaughton, April Rice, Alton Robertson, Troy Slaughter, Paula Stennett, Kenneth Swan, George Reynolds, Grace Gilmore, Dorris Sanders. September 24: John Emory III, T.J. Anderson, Paul Felder. September 25: Jason Anderson, Patricia B. Monsour, Shannon Simpson, Opal Sims, Josh Welch, Phyliss Jacobs. September 26: Jane Walsh, Pat Cochran, Larry Baldwin Jr., Mrs. Darby Sowell, Dr. J. Gordon Dees, Frank Mastronardi, Gabe Fuqua, Susan Banes, Jason Herrington, Polly Keeton, Roma Marshall, William McCormack. September 27: Lee Anne Stacy, Jan Lingenfelter, Brittany Brown, Christopher Howard, Louise Stockwell, Lance Welch, Rodney Carney, Jewel Curtis.



September 21: Mitch and Johnnie Lavinghouze, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Monsour. September 22: David and Claire Jackson. September 23: Jim and Carolyn Tatum. September 24: Bruce and Nancy Beal. September 27: Chuck and Barbara McDaniel, Mr. and Mrs. William Daryle Heath.



First Presbyterian Day School fifth-graders celebrated National Kite Flying Day by constructing kites out of household materials.