Happy Birthday/Anniversary


October 26: Lelia Manning, Paul Miller, Kay-Lynn Meader, Peggy Potter, Suzanne Hasseltine, Katie Manchester, Anthony Garcia, Donna Cain, Jaynie Laird. October 27: Parker B. Camp, Nick Clemons, Adam Kelly, Roland C. Lewis, Hal Green, Lewis Tilghman, Tom Thompson, Billy Baldwin. October 28: Anne Burkett, Robert L. Campbell, Mona Castle, Jonathan Powell, Collette Cummins, Newton Dodson, Laura Dent, Keith West, Sara Shipley, Dick White. October 29: Jean Stacy, Matthew G. Ferrell, Francis Price, Reed Elliott, David Kerr, Chad Franks, David Harcharik Jr., Chase Wright, Chris Foster, Virginia Jones. October 30: Woodrow Cole, Emily Hawkins, Stephanie Komurke, Kaye B. Allen, Ransom Williams, Dr. Lewis Lipscomb, Angela Abraham, Aidan Patrick Callahan. October 31: Merlene Partridge, Renee Guest, Jennifer Bethshares, Mary Trimm, Craig Parks, Arnold Dyre, Stephanie Henson, Lacey Thiel, Christopher Phillips, Marty McLeod, Karen Ellis, Ron Aldridge, Michael Lowe, David Goodwin. November 1: Mary Lee Dickson, Ryan Porter, Bobby Higginbotham, Ron Roper.



  October 29: Tom and Betty Dent, Joe and Maxine Harris.


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First Presbyterian Day School fifth-graders celebrated National Kite Flying Day by constructing kites out of household materials.