HAPPY BIRTHDAY/happy anniversary


  October 19: Clarence Chapman, David Archer, Phyllis Davis, Paulette Goodnight, R.F. Cooper Jr., Lewis Dodson, Susan Dorsey, Donna Nigro. October 20: Brad Ward, Peggy Ferguson Phillips, Kristy Brown, Miriam Harris, George Koerber Jr., Kim Moore, Mary Frances Martin, Craig Gates, Warren Williams, Herbert Price, Alan Woodard, Katherine Saik, Paige Anderson, Bryan Screws. October 21: Kelly McDonald, Marty Williams, Brian Broome, James Wood. October 22: Kevin Prince, Stan Schultz, Lindsey Lee Atkins, Summer Nation, Ben Hawkins, Joretta Meyer, Gina Gandy, Don Mack, Mary B. Mack, Annie Morse Parkes. October 23: John Thames, Linda Higginbotham, Patti Graf, Richard Foster, Elizabeth Marie Parkes. October 24: Justin Jernigan, Lola Waddell, Dexter Barr, LaVerne Howard, Lee Ann Yates, De Sha White, Houston Haynes, Hal Irwin, Warren Porter, Jim Caldwell, Rivers McGraw. October 25: Vaughn Williams, Patricia Ann Baldwin, Kevin Maris, Heber Simmons III, Anna Regan Stacy, Nathan Bell, Sam Rush, Danny West, Katherine Blocker, Chris Lee, Richard McGraw.



  October 19: Larry and Terri Wissel, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hammett, John and Alice Bethany. October 20: Harold and Virginia Traylor, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sanders. October 21: Mike and Aida Burkett. October 22: John and Margaret Mason. October 24: Bubba and Janet Holmes, October 25: Pat and Auvergne Williams Jr.


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The Home Place has been a part of the Northside community since 1946, but Lucille Nichols is who really makes it feel like home.