Bozeman Road update

The Bozeman Road widening project will soon be in the design phase, meaning the two-lane north-south corridor is slowly making its way to becoming four-laned.

Recently, Madison County hired Neel Schaffer for design services.  “It’s from Highway 463 up to Gluckstadt (Road),” Dan Gaillet, county engineer, said. “We’re ready for the next phase of the project. We’d like for them to work for design and bidding phases of this project.”

Gaillet said the right-of-way acquisition phase will be done separately from the design portion of the project.

Last year, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) completed the environmental assessment for Bozeman. The environmental study allowed the county to understand existing conditions such as wetlands, noise, pollution, endangered species, and other vulnerable factors that might be affected by construction.


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