Gluckstadt Flooding

The county is looking into two different flooding problems in the Gluckstadt area. Recently, the county hired Mendrop Engineering to study Weisenberger Road and Greystone subdivision.

“Every time we have an event (on Weisenberger), we’ve got major flooding on that road,” Dan Gaillet, county engineer, said. “We’ve got a fire station — Gluckstadt Fire — 400 feet from this road that floods out and becomes impassable.”

Gaillet said he and his department would like to look at the flooding issue from Highway 51 to Parkway East on Weisenberger to try and rectify the problem.

“Because it’s a major east-west corridor.”

Gaillet said he expected to hire Mendrop, with the board’s approval, for a fee not to exceed $20,895.

The county has already tried to clear some flooding issues for Greystone, but it seems those efforts were not enough to solve the problem.

“Instead of just putting a couple of culverts in there, we feel like that will not fix the problem,” Gaillet said. “We really need to look and see what’s going on, see if we can rectify the problem… We’d like to hire Mendrop Engineering again for a fee not to exceed $11,645.”

The board of supervisors unanimously approved Gaillet’s request to hire the engineering company for both projects.