Intersection work

The Stribling and Catlett intersection is finally about to receive improvements that could improve traffic.

Madison County officials recently approved advertising for bids for improvements to the Stribling and Catlett roads intersection.  The work would include a 300-foot turn lane on Stribling Road, turning southward onto Catlett.

“We’re going to advertise for about a month, so it’s going to be over into November before we get it started,” county engineer Dan Gaillet said.

First, the county has to obtain rights of way. “We’re going to be finalizing rights of way, we hope, next week,” Gaillet said. That’s why we’re going ahead and asking for permission to advertise. We’ll actually advertise once we get that right of way in hand.”

Gaillet said the rights of way are in the southwest corner of the intersection, but otherwise “everything is ready to go.”

The project should last 60 days, but could be extended due to weather.

Gaillet said the 300-foot turn lane allows for about 25 feet per vehicle, allowing 12 cars to line up to turn during school carpool peak hours.