New Traffic signal

A traffic signal at the intersection of Highland Colony Parkway and Old Agency Parkway is up and running.

However, Ridgeland officials are still waiting on CSpire to finish relocating fiber optic cables before the city’s project can be completed.

“We had to put a time extension on the contractor’s contract,” Chris Bryson, city engineer said. “There were some items that he could not begin work on until CSpire completed fiber relocation on Highland Colony Parkway.”

Although CSpire’s work is unrelated to the traffic signal project, it’s still impacting the city’s timeline. The phone company is extending its connections along Highland Colony Parkway.

“We have to wait on the utilities to do their work so we can begin ours,” Bryson said. 

The city’s contractor for the $261,000 traffic signal project is B&B Electrical, and the light is in operation. The project was supposed to take a total of 210 days.

“We only have around $30,000 remaining to pay the contractor,” Bryson said. “But the work that’s remaining is our communication between the signal and traffic management center at city hall.”

The city’s communication with the traffic signal is simply for maintenance and operations purposes.

“We can adjust settings and observe what’s going on to ensure it’s functioning properly,” Bryson said. “It’s just for maintenance.”

“The intersection has warranted a signal for some time,” said Mike McCollum, public works director, in a previous Sun article. “It was a matter of coming up with funding.”

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Web site, Highland Colony Parkway has a traffic count of 11,000 vehicles per day.

Old Agency Parkway intersects Highland Colony directly south of the Natchez Trace Parkway overpass, and is the next road south of Old Agency Road. Old Agency Parkway has a peak traffic count of 1,100.

The project is being paid for by the city.

“There are no federal funds,” McCollum said.