Tisdale Road Improvements

Tisdale Road is about to undergo a 1.4-mile improvement project. During a recent Madison County Board of Supervisors meeting, county officials approved county engineer Dan Gaillet to begin advertising for bids.

“We’re going out to advertise for bids tomorrow,” Gaillet said last Wednesday. “We’re going to open bids at the end of September, and we’ll hopefully award a contract in early October.”

Gaillet said the project will include base (foundation) repairs and overlay from south of Hoy Road to U.S. Highway 51.

Tisdale is one of the five roads county officials voted on to receive priority funding over other streets. The other four include Harvey Crossing, North Deerfield Drive, Virlillia Road and Robinson Springs Road.

All five roads are part of a 14-road list that includes thoroughfares throughout south Madison County that need improvements.

The rest of the 14 roads include Cherry Hill Road, Park Place Boulevard, Greens Crossing, Stokes Road Bridge, Weisenberger Road, Yandell Road, Reunion phase 2 and phase 3, Meadowgreen Lane and Sunnybrook Road.



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