State House moves on roads

With no dissenting votes, the House approved a bill that, if it becomes law, would apply about $100 million from the 1.5 percent “use tax” to roads and bridges. This tax is paid on products shipped from outside Mississippi for use or consumption in the state.

Sharing the use tax

It will take a while to get a good feel for how much Mississippi can expect to collect a year in sales taxes on online purchases. The behemoth of the online business, Amazon.com, started about a year ago kicking over the money, and some others have done so voluntarily.

Good job on deregulation

The Mississippi Legislature’s reform of restrictive occupational licensing hurdles deserves praise. It is a model for reform nationwide. The new law creates the Occupational Licensing Review Commission composed of the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

Dear Editor:

As a psychotherapist, I am glad to see the Harris County, Texas sheriff’s department implementing a program that lets psychiatrists guide law enforcement officers through crisis situations. Crisis Incident Response Team members of the Sheriff’s Department carry tablets in patrol cars when responding to crisis calls.

Congressional hypocrisy

Sexual harassment has risen to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness with a deluge of recent allegations against liberals and conservatives in many high-profile professions — members of Congress, Hollywood actors, directors and producers, and even journalists who are supposed to be watchdogs against such bad acts.

Dying hospitals

State Auditor Stacey Pickering recently released a report that raised doubts about the survivability of at least a third of Mississippi’s 19 publicly owned rural hospitals, including Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

Tucked away in the next-to-last page of that 54-page report was a major reason these hospitals are in a financial bind.


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