A new PSC

In what should be a great relief to the citizens in this state, the Mississippi Public Service Commission is shedding its reputation as a lapdog to the monopoly utilities it regulates.

PEER pressure

During Carey Wright’s four-year tenure as the state’s public education chief, there have been regular concerns about the hiring and spending practices at the Mississippi Department of Education.

Failing the bar

The apocryphal story of a single lawyer in town almost starving until a second one arrived to put in play the adversarial system in which attorneys thrive is no doubt a stretch.

But even if it contains a smidgen of truth, there’s hardly a hamlet in Mississippi where at least two lawyers are not within easy reach.

Vertical farming

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine just came out with its “Sooner Than You Think” issue, referring to important or interesting things it believes will happen in the next few years or decades. One prediction is the boom in “vertical farming.”

State takeover of JPS

According to a recent audit by the Mississippi Department of Education, the Jackson district is a managerial and pedagogic disaster. Rated “F” on the state’s A-to-F accountability grading, it was in violation of 24 out of 32 of the state’s accreditation standards, even after being given a year to try to correct its mess.


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