Supervisors approve new phases in development


The 510-acre subdivision on the corner of Dewees and Stribling roads now has three approved phases. The Madison County Board of Supervisors unanimously okayed the new phases during a recent September meeting.

The new phases are Westlake and Thornberry. The county approved the Silverleaf phase 1 in August. These three subdivisions will make up the entire development.

“(The development) is going to have three separate subdivisions, so it’s going to have three separate names,” developer Scott Gideon said.

Silverleaf will be a single-phase development with 40 lots. Westlake will have 82 lots in the first phase, with a total of 192 lots upon completion of the subdivision’s three phases.

Thornberry will have 95 lots in the first phase, with a total of 360 lots with the completion of its five phases.

“Silverleaf is going to have around half-a-million-dollar homes,” Gideon said. “Westlake home prices will be approximately $450,000 to $1 million. It’s a lake project, and that raises the prices. Thornberry will have an average of home prices from $340,000 to $380,000.”

Silverleaf lots will be three quarters of an acre to an acre and a quarter, while Westlake’s lots will range from half an acre to more than an acre. Thornberry lots will average a third of an acre.

The average square footage of homes in Silverleaf will be 3,200. Homes in Westlake will be 3,500 square feet on average. Thornberry homes will have a 2,500 square-foot average.

“We anticipate having lots ready in the fall of next year for Thornberry and Westlake,” Gideon said. “Silverleaf will probably be late spring of next year. That’s when lots will be purchased and construction will begin. The first homes probably won’t be lived in until late 2018 to early 2019.”

Gideon said the area is the best piece of land he and co-developer Matt Jenson have had the opportunity to work with. Their developments have included Ashbrooke, Saddlebrooke, Fieldstone, St. Ives, Greyhawk, and more.

In terms of adding traffic to the area, many residents have been against the development.

“It is as important to us as to anybody that we have long-term goals for moving traffic,” Gideon said. “The county is working really hard right now with studies from Neel-Schaffer and other engineering firms that make considerations for the traffic.”

With residents of the development not moving in until late next year, Gideon said the county still has time to alleviate the current traffic buildup that peaks during the morning and afternoon when school begins and ends.

“They have time between when we’ll have a significant number of residents in there. They’re working hard in short-term and long-term to address those traffic issues… The 5-0 vote of both Westlake and Thornberry are very indicative of the county’s understanding that these developments are an asset to the county.”

Gideon said traffic is always going to be a consideration and is something that must be addressed with good development.

Once completed, the development will include a 40-foot vegetative buffer and roundabout.

“We made the developer do a roundabout and a 40-foot buffer so you won’t see the houses,” District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter said.”

A common space is also going to be dedicated to a supposed burial site for a few Madison County residents.

In January, some citizens claimed there was a small, unmarked cemetery located on the 510-acre proposed development.

“I believe that it has been looked at, and if there is anything, … you dedicate them to the common space,” county planning and zoning director Carl Allen said. “And they would be preserved if there was someone interred there.”

“We placed it on the master plan. We basically flagged that area, had it surveyed and placed on our plats,” said developer Matt Jenson. “That area will be sectioned off…”

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