Bid awarded for Lake Harbour Rehabilitation


The Lake Harbour Drive rehabilitation project has been awarded to Dickerson and Bowen Inc.

Ridgeland officials recently awarded the project to the lowest bidder, who came in approximately $200,000 under the city’s estimated cost for the project.

“They came in under what we’d projected the budget to be by a couple hundred thousand dollars,” Mayor Gene McGee said.

“It’s one of the few times a project has come in under our estimate,” Public Works Director Mike McCollum said.

However, work on the project may not begin until the new year.

“We suspect that with being this close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, there likely won’t be a lot of work done during the holidays,” McGee said.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) must also concur with the city’s bid award for the project.

“It takes time to get that, so work probably won’t start until January, but we’ll see,” McGee said.

The project includes a mill, overlay, restripe, and upgrade of four traffic signals on Spillway Road from Breaker’s Lane to Northpark Drive.

“It’s (a little more than) a mile of four lanes with a center turn lane,” McCollum said.  “The road’s got heaves and stuff. We’re going to do some leveling. All the striping had actually worn off, and we did some restriping a year ago so people could see it. We’ve also got claims of potholes out there.”

That portion of Lake Harbour Drive has failures that the public works department will fix with this project, according to McCollum.

The project is a two-part task, the other half of which is being completed by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD).

Work includes rebuilding and resurfacing the portion of the Spillway over the dam and digging out and refilling soft spots.

Now that the design phase is complete for that half of the project, construction should begin sometime this year.

“We have to bid out the project, then get in line with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO),” said John Sigman, PRVWSD general manager. “We hope to begin construction this year.”

Construction should take between six to eight weeks and will probably cause traffic delays.

“It’s going to be quick, but we have to do it under traffic, so some delays will be experienced,” Sigman said. “It’s more than just an overlay. We’re going to dig out soft spots, that sort of thing.”

“There’s a little gap where projects won’t meet up, but the road in that area is not in bad of shape. Hopefully it won’t be that noticeable… This will complete Lake Harbour,” McCollum said. “We’ll have a real nice stretch of road from the Reservoir to Highland Colony when it’s all said and done.”

(McCollum is referring to the Lake Harbour Drive extension from U.S. Highway 51 to Highland Colony. The project should be done within the next two years.)




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