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One of the biggest stars in recent baseball history will be sharing at a luncheon this week how Jesus Christ shaped his life.

plans have changed for the Green Oak Lane intersection, which will connect Reunion Parkway, phase three, within the next few years.

Nathan Shrader is assistant professor of political science and director of American Studies at Millsaps College.

Rowan Brinston celebrates 60 years with Beemons and soon hitting 90 years of living

Rowan Brinston joined Beemon Drugs in 1958, the iconic pharmacy sold ice cream, had a soda fountain and a grill.

Heart Association plans luncheon

Crews were working today to repair a collapsed sewer main at the corner of Ridgewood Road and Northside Drive.

The cave-in was reported on April 13. Since then, the area has been reduced to two lanes, while crews make repairs.

The flood arms race


The MS River – Winning

At the height of the nuclear arms race, the U.S. and the old USSR reached stalemate. Mutually Assured Destruction. Each side could destroy the other. So, neither launched the first missile.  Both eventually reduced their arsenals.  No nuclear disasters so far. (“Dr. Strangelove” was fiction.)

Stop or Go?

Motorists driving along One roadway this morning probably can reference the Katy Perry Song “Hot and Cold” when discussing their experience. 
The red and green lights were on at the same time at the Briarwood Drive/Keele Street intersection. 
The Sun has contacted Jackson city officials about the situation.

Gardening Glimpses


“On the road again, can’t wait to get on the road again…” Vicki McKay is quick to establish traditions, and whenever we load the car for one of our garden-related destinations, no matter how hectic all the last-minute getting off has been, she’s singing by the time we get to the usual deer-crossing creek intersection.       

Boys blue

Jackson Prep 2017-18 seventh-grade boys basketball blue team includes members (from left, back) Ryan Fisackerly, Maddox Noe, Andrew Puckett; (front) Max Van Pelt, Duncan Matthews, Cage Puckett, William Walker. Not pictured: Ford McDaniel.


Green eggs and ham

Jackson Academy kindergarteners (from left) Maddox New, Zeb Whatley, Ava Patterson, Shellsea Sullivan, and Kate Ferrell dressed in green to celebrate “Green Eggs and Ham” author Doctor Seuss.




Rowan Brinston celebrates 60 years with Beemons and soon hitting 90 years of living