Multiple contracts awarded for Madison County roads work


Multiple contracts were recently awarded for Madison County road projects

The roads are part of a 14-road list that includes thoroughfares throughout south Madison County.

Hemphill Construction was hired for improvements to Tisdale Road. The approximately $941,000 project stretches for 1.4 miles and includes base (foundation) repairs and overlay from south of Hoy Road to U.S. Highway 51, according to county engineer Dan Gaillet.

Neel Schaffer will perform engineering and inspection services “for a fee not to exceed $65,000.”

Tisdale is one of the five roads county officials voted on to receive priority funding. The other four include Harvey Crossing, North Deerfield Drive, Virlillia Road and Robinson Springs Road.

All five roads are part of a 14-road list that includes thoroughfares throughout south Madison County that need improvements.


The Robinson Springs Road contract was awarded to Walters Construction for the amount of $1,986,464.  The projected date for completion of the construction is May 2018, given limitations due to wet and cold weather,” the project details stated.

A stretch for 2.9 miles, from Coker Road to Mississippi Highway 463, will receive repairs to the base course, two-inch milling on the remaining surface of the road, and cleaning and sealing exposed cracks at least half an inch on the milled surface.

The later phases of the project include laying two to three inches of asphalt over the milled surface and two inches of asphalt surface (riding) course over the leveled asphalt. The road shoulders will also be leveled.


Deerfield Drive, Harvey Crossing and Virlilia Road are also receiving upgrades. “North Deerfield Drive is about half a mile long,” Madison County State Aid engineer Jim Hust said. “We’re repairing base layers, repairing curb and gutter, leveling and then (adding) the surface course (the riding surface).”

Hust said construction will probably start early next year. 

Harvey Crossing, located off Yandell Road, is a $600,000 project.

“The project will begin on the south end of Harvey Crossing at Yandell Road and work northward through the main entrance to include the large traffic circle… where (people) are having a lot of trouble” Gaillet said.

The engineer phase will last through winter. Neel Schaffer received the contract.

“We anticipate that we will bid the construction early in 2018. We then will expect the work to be completed sometime during the late summer. We will basically be making roadway improvements in the aforementioned area.”

Work on Virlilia should begin soon. The $2 million project includes seven and a half miles from Highway 22 to Cloud Road.

“It’s a state aid overlay project,” Hust said. The project construction was recently awarded to Dickerson and Bowen. Completion should take 90 working days.


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