County supervisors are looking into what the next steps are to complete the Reunion interchange.

According to Gerald Steen, District 3 Supervisor, the county asked for $4 million during the latest legislative session.

“We were in for $4 million,” Steen said. “We had a lot of positive things going our way, but at the end of the day there was no bond bill. Also, we did not get into the special session by the governor.”

Steen said county officials will try again next year to show state legislators that the Reunion interchange (phase 2) is a top priority for the county.

The project was a long-term road project recommended by the Neel-Schaffer traffic study, which was completed for the county last year.

The project includes constructing a 1.5-mile, four-lane divided roadway from Bozeman Road to Parkway East, with an interchange at I-55, according to the study.

In past years, a lot of work was completed for the project’s design and engineering, according to Dan Gaillet, county engineer.

“A lot of work was done on this project under the previous administration,” he said. “With that, we will have to take a step back and look at what was done…”

Jim Hust, an engineer for the Office of State Aid Road Construction, suggested county officials create a new design based off the old design for the project.

“We would suggest you take the existing work and assume you can use as much as you can, evaluate that, and create 60 percent design for the new project.”

County officials took no official action, but tasked Gaillet to begin looking at the old design for the Reunion interchange (phase 2). 

Gaillet added that the Mississippi Department of Transportation will need to be brought to the table immediately for the project.



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