Oh, my, he was great


Sports broadcaster extraordinaire Dick Enberg died during the Christmas holidays – December 21 to be exact – at the age of 82. He brought so much joy to my life, his passing shouldn’t go without comment.

So, of course, my first comment: “Dick Enberg, is gone. Oh my!”

Gardening Glimpses


I lost my gardening partner five weeks ago, and it doesn’t get any easier, day by day, going on alone.

Today would have been Herman’s 88th birthday.   

So hard to realize that all our projects, planned together, are now up to me, and of course son Kevin and great friend Pete McKay.

Congressional hypocrisy

Sexual harassment has risen to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness with a deluge of recent allegations against liberals and conservatives in many high-profile professions — members of Congress, Hollywood actors, directors and producers, and even journalists who are supposed to be watchdogs against such bad acts.

Dying hospitals

State Auditor Stacey Pickering recently released a report that raised doubts about the survivability of at least a third of Mississippi’s 19 publicly owned rural hospitals, including Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

Tucked away in the next-to-last page of that 54-page report was a major reason these hospitals are in a financial bind.