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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School students are challenged every year to read 50 books the summer before starting first grade. Each year, on the first week of school, the students who successfully completed the challenge are awarded a certificate and a book of their own. The following students in Elizabeth Morris’ class received awards (from left, back) Marcia Poole, Morris; (front) Eva Houde, Ellie Campbell, Sundeep Tipnis, Beckett Coxwell, Eloise Phillips, Ford Wadlington, Ruthie Bailey, Sanjay Reddy, Sydney Shafer, Taylor Strain, Megan Rappai, Catherine Bensler, and Callie Brooks.


Services were held November 21 at Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church for Herman L.... READ MORE


The St. Joseph Catholic School girls swim team won the state championship recently at the state championship swim meet held at the Tupelo Aquatic Center. The St.