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Ridgeland 2018 legislative agenda follows Mississippi Municipal League’s wants


For the 2018 legislative agenda, the city of Ridgeland is looking to follow the Mississippi Municipal League (MML).

“We’re basically supporting the Mississippi Municipal League’s agenda,” Mayor Gene McGee said. “The main thing on that is to offset debt. That’s our main agenda.”

School Leaders

Jackson Academy’s Board of Trustees

Serving on the board of trustees for Jackson Academy for 2017-18 are (from left, back) McKie Edmonson, Greg Johnston, Ashley Willson, Scot Thigpen, Dr. Calvin Thigpen; (second row) Austin Barbour, Jody Varner, Mandi Stanley, Martha Ray; (front) Renee Rice, Rita Gaines, and Scott Pedigo.

Gift of TIFs


Ridgeland financing Christmas presents for Northsiders

It’s going to be a great holiday season on the Northside this year thanks to the city of Ridgeland’s new innovative plan to use Tax-Increment Financing (TIF) to finance Christmas.


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