Free tuition

Gov. Phil Bryant’s budget proposal for the 2018-19 fiscal year revives his idea of experimenting with free community college tuition for a certain number of students.

Plenty of opinions


Let’s try another opinions column in the old Twitter-style, 140 characters at a time...

• NY Giants coach Ben McAdoo is a doofus. Should have been fired yesterday. #PeterPrinciplewins again.

• Just go ahead and give Alvin Kamara NFL Rookie of the Year. Guy is insanely terrific. #somuchfuntowatch

Lottery downside

Mississippi’s traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are having a tough enough time trying to adjust to the growing competition of online shopping.

Now, it appears some in state government want to add to merchants’ headaches by diverting some of consumers’ discretionary money to a state lottery.

State supporting the zoo

The Jackson Zoo is going under, and the state leaders’ lack of support for the park is troubling. Last week, the Sun asked three lawmakers about their thoughts on moving the zoo and whether the state should support it.

Usurping the feds

The City of Jackson wised up and eliminated the restriction that city employees had to live in the city. It took a shortage of police to make it happen. In this day and age of low unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers, dictating the residency of employees was impractical. It made good politics but bad policy.

Disincentives to work

One of the reasons for Mississippi’s slow economic growth is that too many people don’t work. And the numbers bear that out: the state’s labor force participation rate, defined as the percentage of the population 16 and over that is employed or looking for work, is 58 percent compared to a national rate of 63 percent.



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The St. Joseph Catholic School girls swim team won the state championship recently at the state championship swim meet held at the Tupelo Aquatic Center. The St.