Voting bill dies

A bill that would have made it easier to register to vote and vote early has died in the Senate.

The Senate Elections Committee failed to pass SB 2906, meaning that the bill never made it to the floor for a vote.

The bill was authored by District 29 Sen. David Blount.

Elections is chaired by Kevin Blackwell and vice-chaired by Blount.

The bill would have allowed residents to register to vote online and would have introduced “no fault” early voting.

Voters would still be required to show state-issued identification when casting ballots.

Right now, Mississippians must register to vote through their respective county clerk’s office or can obtain a voter registration form through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

As for early voting, state statute allows residents to cast ballots prior to an election if they meet one of 15 criteria.

Those criteria include serving in the military or being a student, teacher or administrator and not being able to come home on a scheduled election day.

Blount has proposed the measure multiple times, and each time it has failed.



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