Jackson may not be benefitting from government


Matthew 22:21 says, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.” Save for the Doctrine of the Separation of Church and State, it might be suggested that “There ought to be a law:” The solemnity of Easter and the irreverence of April Fool’s Day are sufficiently incompatible that the two sh

Good times coming slow

A recent measurement of Mississippi’s economy is generally positive, but it also shows how statistics can be misleading or even wrong.

The website RichStatesPoorStates.org this week ranked each state based on “a forward looking forecast based on the state’s standing in 15 important state policy variables.”

Promising early education program

If Mississippi is going to make significant inroads into raising the educational attainment of its citizens, the most effective way to do that is to start early.

Brain research and academic studies have shown that if children fall behind during the first couple years of schooling, the chance of them ever catching up is slim.

Positive decline in opioids

The intense focus in the news media, in the medical community and in both state and federal governments to America’s opioid epidemic may be getting the message across.

New data out last week shows that the number of prescriptions filled for opioid painkillers fell by nine percent nationwide, their biggest decline in 25 years.

And I shall hear


February 14, 2018. This day of love hadn’t started out too well. My old lady dog sleeps with me, her head pressing the bend of my knees.

This morning when I got out of bed, she made sharp yelping noises, as if she were having a bad dream. I had a hard time waking her up.

“I need you, June Cleaver.”

Prison trial ends, fate of EMCF waits on Barbour’s ruling


Two hundred and twenty-six years ago, the Federalists were having trouble getting the states to ratify the new Constitution of the United States. The anti-Federalists, led by Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Patrick Henry, feared the proposed constitution did not adequately protect the individual rights of the common man.



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